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Welcome to Nyonya Flavour !!

Nyonya Flavour is a family-run business which has been faithfully passed down for two generations. We specialize in making authentic Peranakan delicacies, including Nonya Kueh and also Teochew-style Glutinous Rice.

Authentic Nyonya kuih needs an artisan touch and traditional methods. It must also follow the ultimate rule of Peranakan food — no short cuts. Usually, this means back-breaking work and constant monitoring during the steaming to ensure perfection. Moreover, the best ingredients like fresh coconut milk are needed for fragrant kuih and our kueh are made from all natural ingredients colour fresh pandan leaves and dried bunga telang.

Nyonya Kuehs are rich and varied, made from ingredients such as glutinous rice, coconut milk and palm sugar. Some examples of Nyonya Kuehs are, Ang Ku Kuehs, 9-layered Kuehs, Tapioca Cakes and Rice Cakes. However,  as there are little confectioneries that are selling Nyonya Kuehs, these delights are no longer common among the younger generation today.

Hence, we're a small business with a big mission: to breathe life back into traditional sweets in modern world. 

We aim to provide customers with the freshness and quality Nyonya Kueh. We believed the consistency in taste and good quality control will only provide you the best products.


We do not use any preservatives in any of our products as we wanted to deliver the kueh as fresh as possible to our customers to ensure there is no impairment in taste and texture. 


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